What is CrystalNails Nails

A close-knit nail family with a unique style, thousands of colors, and creative innovations. Always a step ahead of the latest trends...

Interesting Facts

We are here to provide customer a one stop experience for al their beauty requirements

CrystalNails was established by collaborating with top-quality material manufacturers in the USA and in Europe into one multifaceted product family. Our aim is to provide all customers with exceptional brand and quality education

We are constantly working on delivering the best quality and most fashionable materials so that you can impress your clients.

  • Competitions Won

    3 World Championships (Düsseldorf), 24 Gold Medals at the London Nailympia. Overall, Crystal Nails nail artists have won 200 competitions worldwide using solely Crystal Nails products.

  • Products

    A peerless selection of high-quality nail supplies. The latest technologies through innovation and research in accordance with the profession’s current demands.

CrystalNails Community

CrystalNails offer much more than outstanding quality, trend-setting nail supplies. CrystalNails offer a new way of life. With an immensely complex education program consisting of nail art courses, training, professional gatherings, and online advising, CrystalNails has established a varied selection of opportunities for nail tech newbies and experienced professionals to perfect their skills and maximize their earning potential by reaching the highest degree of client satisfaction.

Top Quality

Only Certified Products are manufactured and distributed under strict quality control measures. During the manufacturing process, methods of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the ISO Quality Management System (certified by TÜV) are employed.