Couch Rolls & Towels

Explore our Beauty Merchants Eco-Friendly line of Couch Roll , Hygiene Rolls, disposable towels,pedicure towels crafted from premium-quality paper, ideal for various beauty treatments. Unroll onto your beauty couch before each client, ensuring a clean and hygienic surface. These rolls are designed to tear easily along the perforations, streamlining cleanup and preparation for your next client.

Not only are these rolls versatile for beauty treatments, but they are also handy for wiping spills, removing excess products, and cleaning surfaces between clients, whether during massage treatments or spray tanning. All our couch rolls are produced in Europe using 100% pure virgin white paper, ensuring a professional experience. With 2-ply construction, they boast extra absorbency.

Discover our Couch Roll selection, available in both 10-inch and 20-inch sizes. Don’t forget to add these essential supplies to your basket. With next-day delivery throughout Ireland, you can also opt for bulk purchases, ensuring you never run out of your crucial beauty necessities.


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