Gelly Gel cover pink 15ml

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A new category in the construction gel system between the Cover Refill product line and the Xtreme Fusion AcrylGel product line.

A beautiful cover-colored gel that provides full coverage and is perfect for building up the entire nail or nail bed extension at full height . The material is perfectly homogeneous, with even coverage , and the surface of the nail will not be stained or transparent. It can be used to lengthen and raise the nail bed in one step, without draining or staining.

Its texture is novel, it has a “pudding” texture , which looks dense, but when you reach into it, the material is soft, the brush does not encounter resistance. This special texture allows the material to stay where we put it, it is not self-spreading, so it does not move . In addition, it is easy to handle, does not stretch, and the desired curve and shape can be created simply and easily. When creating a high smile line wall, the Gelly Cover Builder Gel keeps the shape the best of all gels . Its consistency allows the material to be applied to all 5 nails at the same time when filling, building a C-curve or creating a smile line wall. With this technique, we can work in a rhythm as if we were working with porcelain, so considerable time can be saved .

Thanks to its perfect adhesion , there is no air even on stressed nails, even after weeks. It is less flexible and sets harder than traditional gels (similar to porcelain), so it does not break and extremely strong nails can be made with it .

Its binding takes place in a slower process compared to average gels, so it does not burn , the heat generation is gradual and barely perceptible.

Use it like this:
It is recommended to use Base Gel (e.g.: Compact Base Gel Translucent Nude )
We recommend the new Gelly brush or another soft brush (e.g.: Nero Merlo brushes ) with which, after placing the scoop at the base of the nail bed, the material should be pulled downwards, so to speak, rather than the usual threading application of traditional gels. It is not necessary to apply a sliding layer.
When building a new nail, if you want to bend it, you must first apply an extremely thin base of Gelly Cover Builder Gel or other bendable base (e.g.: Xtreme Clear , Xtreme Cool Gel ) and bend it (the bending time of the thin base in LED light: Gelly Cover Builder Gel 20 sec, Xtreme Clear 10 sec, Xtreme Cool Gel 15 sec), then cover as a second step with a larger amount , which forms the C-curve. We do not bend this layer, because due to the pigmentation of the material, it hardens with an extended bond and does not uniformly reach the bendable state. This is not a problem with a very thin base layer, the light of the lamp permeates it uniformly.
Complete curing in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes.
As the Gelly Cover Builder Gel is not a self-spreading gel, the perfectly even surface can be achieved by filing . Due to its hardness compared to traditional gels, it is slightly more difficult to file ( it is worth shaping with a 180 green Xtreme file ).

Due to different monitor settings, the color shown in the picture and the actual color may differ from each other.


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