HEMA FREE Primer Acid Free 13ml

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Acid-free primer without HEMA ingredients.

Store at room temperature for a day to prevent the brush from breaking! Details in the product description.
Acid Free primer – 13ml
A completely acid-free, adhesion-promoting liquid that does not dry completely, leaving a sticky layer. Therefore, it must be applied thinly, because this sticky part will act as a double-sided adhesive between the nail plate and the material that is placed on it. If you apply more of the acid-free primer, this sticky part will be a little thicker, so the material on it will not stick to the nail plate, and separation may occur. The excess from the brush should be removed on the neck of the bottle or using a dry paper towel, so that we can avoid applying too much product on the nail.

IMPORTANT: Primers can freeze in the bottle in the cold. This does not affect the quality of the material after melting, but be sure to wait for it to melt and regain its liquid consistency before opening, otherwise the brush will break!
Acid-free Primer is a material more sensitive to heat and light, it may turn yellow from filtered sunlight or UV light. The discoloration of the material does not affect the other physical properties and use of the product.


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