Waterpro Crystalac Clear 4ml

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Non-fixing, removable CrystaLac for the professional “Waterway” technique

Non-fixing, removable CrystaLacs, into which you can drop any of our 3 STEP CrystaLac or ONE STEP CrystaLac colors to create a pattern with a brush with thinner hair (e.g. 0 Short or 0 Long) or with the help of the Decorating and dotting needle.

Curing time in UV lamp 2-3 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes

(depending on the strength of the lamp).

You can use WaterPro CrystaLac in two ways:

As 3 STEP CrystaLac:
After setting a base gel layer on the nail plate prepared according to the three-step gel polish, after setting a layer of WaterPro CrystaLac, you drop your 3 STEP CrystaLac (3S or GL) colors for your sample into the next layer of WaterPro CrystaLac, then set it and finally cover it with light gel.

As ONE STEP CrystaLac:
After curing a layer of WaterPro CrystaLac on the nail plate prepared for one-step gel polish, you drop your favorite ONE STEP CrystaLac colors (OS or 1S) for your sample into the next layer of WaterPro CrystaLac, and then cure it. (Optionally, you can also put light gel on it, which you also have to remove.)